Today is Reynoul a year!

From a cute sociable puppy, Reynul turned into a beautiful graceful young lady.
By the year our girl decided on the choice of her boyfriends. Unfortunately, she does not like the glamorous boys, well-washed and pleasantly smelling, with good manners. Reina, to her liking, was a vagabond with no fixed abode, with a peculiar aroma of masculinity and a look that confirms her merit. She knows all their rookeries and with such excitement plays with them ….
And, Reynochka timed a new stage in her life to her birthday. The girl played with the labrador and actively winding circles, suddenly the labradorishna decided to swim and rushed into the lake (the temperature is only 2-5˚) and … my Reynulka also decided to take water procedures, again running and again water … Yes, there are people – “walruses “, And I have a favorite walrus dog.

And for us, today, Reynochka is a bull dog, a smile dog and just a cutie-charm
And, probably, the most important thing. MANY THANKS Natasha, our “first mommy.” Thank you for the good advice in our first sorrows, thanks for the shared joy of our first small victories. Thank you, Natasha, that all this time she was with us at arm’s length, supporting and guiding us !!!

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