Three-day CACIB Marathon

The three-day CACIB marathon is behind. As always, after such exhibitions, there is something to think about and a fresh look at your four-legged and your flaws.
This time, a relatively new member of our family, CYRENENSIS ENZO, was very pleased. A guy at the age of 2 with a tail entered the ring for the first time, emotional and temperamental, yet he managed to control himself. A good description and remark – “little bit small”, which is somewhat strange when a boy is 48-49 cm tall (standard 46-50 ± 2), lowered his score on the first day. The second publication was more successful and Enzyasha got his first CAC and even R.CACIB.
And although the result of the first day was not high, nevertheless I realized that it is possible and necessary to work with it.

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