The main exhibitions of the country “Crystal Cup of Ukraine” and “Kievan Rus”

The first exit of the two-year-old Api is not just in the ring, but in the place of a huge crowd of people and dogs, and this is after the “village silence”. The girl was going to leave for a family without a further show career. But by chance, the dog remained in our family and, of course, it was decided to show it at the exhibition. Light movements, even and harmonious, she simply asked to enter the ring. Comfortable in life, easily adaptable to new places and people, it seemed there would be no problems with an exhibition career. Several trips to the handling hall showed the dog’s readiness to “go and win”, but … how often is this “but” … when Apka entered the exhibition pavilion, she refused to work at all and showed herself insecure and lethargic. And since we were judged by Refet Nadzic (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA), a rottweiler pedigree, he lacked temperament. As a result – very good.

The next day – better behavior, but categorically do not want to go. I lure snacks under the expertise of Denis Kuzelj (Slovenija). It can be seen that the expert has seen many Thais in his lifetime, knows the features of character and behavior, he forgives us “insecure behavior” and Api gets his first CAC, CACIB BOS.

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