Tailed stories

“Let’s try!”

Sometimes in life we ​​are able to do things about which we later say, “How am I?” So it is with me, either intuition somewhere deeply, on a subconscious level, whispered “Let’s try!”, Or the spirit of adventurism said “A little try?”, But the decision to participate in enzo competitions in coursing came very unexpectedly. …

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Character api

Api is a “runner” dog and not only runs from the word, although she also loves it very much, but from the word “run away”. While you are at home Apka in sight, we walk without a leash, runs up to the call – perfect. But, only you left the territory, after 5-10 minutes you …

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“Big” Adventure

All vaccinations are behind, quarantine too, warm sunny weather outside the window is a wonderful opportunity to make a “big” trip with a six-month-old puppy. We choose a route: noisy streets with screaming children, roads with buzzing cars, underground passages with a rattling sound of wheels. Bark steps – tail pipe. Calm smooth behavior. On …

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Hawaiian Pilot

“Hawaiian Pilot” – this nickname stuck to Roska from the moment of arrival to Ukraine. Three-month-old puppy, three transplants – the journey from Hawaii to the home was a long one. We meet at the airport, internally preparing to see a tortured puppy in a state of stress, and a red ball with bead eyes …

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Red beast

At our place, a red beast settled. This charming miracle now runs, jumps, climbs somewhere, spins, spins, rushes to and fro. In addition, everywhere she pokes her nose as much as she needs to eat and sleep. And our exhortations, shouts, prohibitions, attempts to turn off this “motor”, alas, do not lead to anything. The …

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Companion dog

And every day I am more and more convinced that my Reynul is a real companion, the main thing is that there are more companies and they meet more often. When we walk in the park or near the lakes, in places of mass “walking” of the nearby population, then Reina is ready to honor …

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