Thai ridgeback puppies

The kennel “WildLife Magic” is pleased to offer pedigree and healthy puppies, raised with great love, care and attention.
The main task of breeding Thai Ridgeback and Cirneco del Etna breeds in our kennel is to get healthy and with an excellent exterior, the maximum requirement of the standard breed of dogs with a stable psyche and breed character., As well as intelligence and quick wit. Such a puppy will become an ideal companion and member of the family

We responsibly approach the cultivation of babies, namely:
– Puppies receive breast milk for up to 6-8 weeks.
– Puppies do not leave the house before 2.5 months.
– Puppies are obligatory treated three times from helminths, protozoa and other parasites with the generous preparation Procox and Prazitel for puppies.
– Puppies are vaccinated with the imported Duramun / Vanguard Plus vaccine with coronovirus (manufacturer Zoetis Inc, USA) at the age of 8-9 weeks. and revaccination after 21 days.
– Puppies are vaccinated against rabies at 12 weeks.
– Puppies are fed from the moment of feeding until the moment of distribution by natural products.
– From the moment of birth, babies live and grow with us, receiving the necessary education and social skills.
– Puppies are sold with contracts for the sale of the animal (co-ownership agreement)
Having bought a Thai Ridgeback puppy or Cirneko Del Etna from us, we guarantee assistance in raising and raising a baby, if necessary, we will help with planning an exhibition or sports career, we will advise on emerging issues related to the breed ..
We try to keep in touch with the owners of all puppies born in our house. And we are always ready to provide comprehensive assistance and support.
If you want to buy (reserve) a puppy or clarify information about a particular ridgeback, please contact us by phone: +38 (095) 888-29-09, write us a letter kennelwm@gmail.com or send an application for a puppy.

We will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions! Delivery to any place which is carried out at the expense of the Buyer is possible. Before reserving the baby you like, consider the full responsibility of your decision, because if you refuse, the deposit will not be returned!

High-breed Thai Ridgeback puppies of the blood of Champions of the World, Europe, Eurasia, Thailand and many other countries are offered for reservation! Parents of puppies are magnificent, effective and titled representatives of the breed! Only in responsible and loving hands!

12.11.2019 "FOR SALE"
Litter "C"
In the litter: 3 boys and 3 girls
12.11.2019 "FOR SALE"
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