Memo for future puppy owners


We breed animals for various reasons. Most owners do this in order to be close to a true friend and for the pleasure of communicating with a dog. But sometimes events happen that spoil our relationship with a four-legged friend. We do not like this, but perhaps this is a natural behavior for the dog. How to try to avoid stress in a relationship?

1. Do not forget to encourage the dog with your attention and praise – do not ignore your dog when you like her behavior, and be sure to let the dog know if her behavior does not suit you (that is, pay attention anyway).

2. Avoid using harsh teaching methods. Your dog will understand your kind attitude, affection and words much better.

3. When purchasing a puppy, pay attention to the conditions of detention: does the baby have the opportunity to communicate with the breeder’s family, does he communicate with the outside world.

4. Systematically socialize your puppy, accustom him to different situations: ride together on a bus, train. Walk in crowded places, visit the dog show. All this will help the puppy to properly respond to unusual life situations. Also a very useful action on your part can be attending dog school courses for puppies.

5. Young children who live with your puppy should clearly know that the dog is the same member of the family as everyone else. The puppy may not want to play with the child – do not forcibly impose your communication on him, and then the warm relationship that exists between the child and the dog will eventually flow into a strong friendship!

6. Be sure to take general training courses with your dog and do not forget to repeat the lessons at home. The dog really likes this type of communication, it will also strengthen your union.

7. More often offer the dog a variety of games. In the end, you will be able to find out by exception: what does she like to play most of all and more often do what she loves with her.

8. The dog is on a walk daily, at least two times. Two reasonable walks per day is better than just one, but very long.

9. During the walk, periodically call the dog to you and give it a reward, you can just pet and praise the dog, it will try to please you even more the next time.

Last tip: just love your dog and the dog will reciprocate!


1. It is necessary to provide the dog a lot of movement. This does not mean at all that you will need to arrange daily walks for many hours. But once a week the dog is NECESSARY !!! Throw out your energy. Otherwise, this energy will be released through gnawing shoes, clothes, furniture, etc. Runs very well in this case, running after a mechanical hare, where the Thai galloping perfectly, will give an outlet to his hunting instincts, which he has in the genes.

2. The need for socialization. There are timid Thais, but there are too arrogant. This breed needs to be accustomed to the sounds of the city. This is a tribute to the origin.

3. The pursuit of other animals. Most people underestimate pariah. These are very dexterous hunters. But in the process of his “hunting” a neighbor’s cat or a windup toy may suffer! Spend more time on this parenting item.

4. Independence of character. Thai Ridgeback is not a Golden Retriever! Thai is an independent thinker who does not focus on pleasing you! Many dogs are simply stubborn. You must show the dog the seriousness of your intentions: that your words do not diverge from the deed.

5. Emotional sensitivity. Thai is a catalyst for family relationships. He does not like screaming, aggression, nervousness. If something bad happens in the house, know: Thai Ridgeback will find a way to express his displeasure to you.

For the most part, pariahs are peaceful, sensitive dogs that need a calm and harmonious home. If you do not want to spend a lot of time communicating with an animal, think: maybe you should not start it?


• My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any parting with you will be very painful.

• Give me time to understand what you want from me.

• Trust me and be patient – this is critical to my state of mind.

• Do not be angry with me for too long, and do not shut me down for punishment. You have your job, friends, fun. I have only you!

• Talk to me. Even if I do not understand your words, I understand your voice, your mood.

• Know that it was not you who chose me, but I you.

• Before you hit me, remember that I have teeth that could easily break the bones in your hand, but I do not want to bite you and hurt you.

• Before you scold me because I am lazy or not very mobile, ask yourself what could be causing this behavior ?! Maybe I don’t get the right nutrition, or I have been outside for too long, under the bright sun, or my heart is becoming old and weak.

• Take care of me when I get old. You too will someday become old.

• Be with me until the last minute. Never say, “I cannot bear his death, I cannot watch him die” or, “Let me not see how this happens.” It will be easier for me if you are with me!

Remember: I VERY LOVE YOU!

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