Life is full of surprises.

Life is full of surprises …. And you understand this when you find yourself in another unusual situation. Choosing a place to stay, we preferred a small hotel near Karkle (Lithuania) (the second hotel was located on a spit and there lived moose). However, in this quiet place, surprises awaited us. The first thing that alerted us was that a “no dogs” sign greeted us upon entering the hotel, although this condition was stipulated more than once. We drove forward 50 meters and met at least 3 more such signs, we were in complete bewilderment, but suddenly saw a huge aviary with a bird and realized why dogs are not allowed. “Nonsense,” we thought, and began to park. Having parked and glanced out the window, we saw another enclosure with …. bison. That’s lucky, so lucky. “The dogs will be pleased,” we said with a laugh.

Another surprise was waiting for us at registration. We were asked to fill out a receipt that we are solely responsible for the dogs. Needless to say, each has its own quirks … and this did not alert us. But in vain !!!!
Having rested and taking the dogs out for a walk, we heard screams that dogs should not be here. An uncle rushed towards us and shouted “wolves, wolves.” “We got into a fairy tale”, we laughed, looked at the uncle with disbelief and left for the sea. At the same time, leaving the hotel, all together looked out the window and … saw the bears ….
Sea water refreshed and invigorated. It seemed to us that we came to life after the road. But, apparently, not everyone thought so … and offered hippotherapy …

The day was drawing to a close Having settled down on the restaurant terrace and holding a glass of wine in hand, we froze … a few dozen meters from us there was a howl of wolves ….
Neither the night howling of wolves, nor the predawn grunt of wild boars, nor the bird’s humming of unknown birds no longer led us into bewilderment – a new day began and we were ready for anything !!!

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