“Let’s try!”

Sometimes in life we ​​are able to do things about which we later say, “How am I?” So it is with me, either intuition somewhere deeply, on a subconscious level, whispered “Let’s try!”, Or the spirit of adventurism said “A little try?”, But the decision to participate in enzo competitions in coursing came very unexpectedly. The guy, at the time of the competition, lived with us for only 5 days and I don’t understand how I risked releasing a dog that just arrived without a leash and collar in an unfamiliar place. At the same time, Enzo never ran a coursing and the risk of not getting qualified was very great. But everything that is not being done … Enzo at the “Hurray” ran the qualification and returned “to my hands”. And even, albeit purely technically, he won the competition! In such extreme conditions for me, Enzyashka showed himself from an unexpected direction and earned my trust.

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