FCI-CACIB «GOLDEN GATES 2019» 20.04.2019 FCI-CACIB «UKRAINE 2019» 21.04.2019

The first exhibition of Dew. It so happened that Roska had a meal at our place and it seemed to me that she was “a bit thick” for exhibitions. Bring to sportswear, and then into the ring – with this motto junior school passed, and Rosa remained the same plump girl. And here it is, a miracle! Excellent condition, sufficient socialization, the maximum possible handling for a small number of classes.

Two days in the ring under the expertise of Ukrainians: Olena Buslav and Oksana Grebenyuk. Stricter and more demanding Ukrainian experts, probably not. However, two days of excellent descriptions and rave reviews from experts. And the bottom line:

MANAPE YING YAM (Breeder James EL) – 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOS – Champion of Ukraine, Champion of KSU!

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