Escape Cora

The beginning of the first exhibition day of my beauty Kora (FLAMING TOCCATA WILDLIFE MAGIC) began with her escape. Taking advantage of my carelessness, the girl slipped out of the collar and, succumbing to her current romantic mood, dashed off into the forest. 20 minutes of hooting were ineffectual and, so as not to delay people, I asked them to leave, and I myself remained to wait for the runaway. The guys started the engine and “Oh miracle”, Cora drew near the car. Deja vu … I already saw it, I already experienced it! Likewise, a few years ago, being late for the exhibition, we were waiting for Banzay My Salim, which was fun running through the forests of Finland. Yes, Cora turned out to be a worthy daughter of her parent.
But in general, the results of two exhibitions pleased
experts Roberto Velez-Pico, Puerto Rico
Gerard Jipping, NL
And today – 2 x CH UA, CH UKU

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