Character api

Api is a “runner” dog and not only runs from the word, although she also loves it very much, but from the word “run away”. While you are at home Apka in sight, we walk without a leash, runs up to the call – perfect. But, only you left the territory, after 5-10 minutes you find Api, cheerfully following you or “growing”, as if from underground, on your way. Neither the high fences nor the practically lack of distance between the fence and the ground will be an obstacle for this bright girl in her desire to follow the leader.

In various ways to seep into the will fully manifests the “mind and quick wits” of Thais. If this is an escape through a fence, then this is not overcoming an obstacle in height, this is a thoughtful calculation of the “flight” trajectory — climb a hill and jump down a diagonal from a fence through the run.

Digging under the fence? Api, as if knows that the foundation is up to half a meter. Therefore, the hill helps out again. And delves below the foundation, but clearly towards the fence.

Another way to leave the “native home” and catch up with the leader is to squeeze a 13 cm gap under the gate. However, in this embodiment, more and more difficulties arise every day. Api is still growing and her rib cage is becoming wider every day, thereby reducing the chances of escape.

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