20.06.2015 FCI-CACIB XIX International Dog Show

I have long wanted to get under the expertise of an expert from Thailand and …. here we are on the road ….
The expert is very attentive and strict. Of all the breeds, only the turbojet itself looked its teeth. And, in general, when the taychiki entered the ring, he somehow completely changed, he felt the dogs from the nose to the tip of the tail, every paw, head … And here is our result …

06/20/2015 Krakow (Poland)

FCI-CACIB XIX International Dog Show
Judge: Noranart Rattanasakvibool (TH)
Reina Mereiia WildFlower Lotus – Exl, CAC, CACIB, BOB, CH PL

After the ring, we went to the expert and asked “not for the record” to describe Reynul again. He told us everything in detail, literally about every part of the body, showing us everything on the dog. The result – “You have a beautiful dog !!!!”
Natasha, this little victory is for you !!!!

And … Many thanks to Lizonka for the beautiful display of Reina. Happy debut, Lisa, in Poland !!!! And let this exhibition, this victory become another star in the starfall of your further victories !!!!

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